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nekorokketo [userpic]


March 17th, 2012 (10:13 pm)

current mood: satisfied

Cat Rokkit wants so very much to see Teeny Weeny again if only to spill some truth. How does a 24 year old guy not know to pay a little attention to the clit? Like, artlessly jamming your fingers into me is not really gonna get me off. OMG especially if your dick is lacking significantly in girth or length or, in your case, both. I'm not being catty, dude, just real honest. And remember when I asked you where you like to be touched and you said nipples and I listened and touched you there? That's how that works. If your partner asks you to pull her hair or whatever, try doing it. She'll probably like it. Oh, and it's bad form to get your rocks off without making sure your partner finishes. Unless you thought that artlessly jamming of fingers was sufficient. In retrospect, I wish I'd hooked up with the Scottsman. No, I wish I'd hooked up with the lesbian. She was kinda cute and seemed like she was dying to worship me. Oo, or both of them. God, i actually wish it had been anyone but you. Scott/Sandy was funnier, Steve/Angry Bird was so considerate, the Little One seemed like he would have been enthusiastic and not totally weird the next day. But no, I ended up with you. You were pretty to look at and a decent kisser but so substandard in, like, all other areas. You are my don't-do-over.