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nekorokketo [userpic]


June 14th, 2010 (08:40 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: J & Howl "Maybe Love" (will never not be awesome!!)

Speaking (typing?) of which, I need to get my accommodations updated. It's a bitch and will likely cost me a couple thousand dollars, but what the hell else am I going to do? I read some terrifyingly terrifying statistic on one of those coping-with-adult-ADHD pamphlets some pharmaceutical manufacturer keeps mailing to me about how adults with ADHD have a significantly low job retention rate. Oh, awesome. That's totally what I wanted to read whilst eating my heritage grain cereal before hauling ass to my own job.


Where was I going with this?

Oh, right. ADHD. Highly distractable.

So I'm supposed to be doing my Stat project and will be getting back to it after this teeny tiny break. I was checking KnowYourMeme.com as is my wont and discovered that, despite this occurring during my highest affection for JE, I had somehow missed the "Nanikeidemonai" meme. Now, I am not Japanese nor do I speak enough of the language to even bother with bringing it up. However, I was a pretty heavy lurker in the JE interwebs. This (as well as I can recall) was never brought up. When a shot of Generation Terrorists era MSP was inserted in the last, like, two seconds of some clothing ad (maybe The Gap?), oh how the forum did light up for months. And this was back in the days before such things as "livejournal communities" and "blogging". This was, like, summer 2000. Okay, those things existed, but bands all had their own web sites with forums for kiddos to post little threads and whatnot and there were so many fan sites and fanfic was kind of difficult to suss out since most of us were, like, 15 and unfamiliar with things like IRC and Newsnet and whatever the fuck else people used to exchange sexually explicit fantasies about Gundam pilots (1x2!!! HOW I LOVED YOU SO!!!!!!).

Uh, again... distracted.

So rather than attempt my own less entertaining/informative explanation, here's the link. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/nanikeidemonai-dont-mind-the-style I'll do the fancy hypertext later. Well, assuming I don't throw myself in front of a train. Statistics is a cruel, cruel mistress.