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nekorokketo [userpic]

Wonder Girls And 2PM Were Excellent!!!!

June 5th, 2010 (01:58 am)

current mood: aggravated

Too bad the other concert-goers weren't.

Oh, girls, I know most that for most of you this evening was all about 2PM, the Wonder Girls being purely a bonus if it meant seeing sexy Taecyeon rip his shirt off (which he didn't - BUMMERRRR!!). Believe me, I too remained undecided as to whether I wanted to go until 2PM was announced as the opening act. "Tell Me" was the first kpop song I downloaded. But trufax is that I wanna do each one of those alluring 2PM boys except Junho and that's only because I cannot stand that awful orange hair he is currently sporting. Dye it back to black and I'll be on him like a spider monkey, Chip.

Um, wait, what was I talking about? Oh, rude girls.

Anyway, I'm with you, DC Hottests. I love me some 2PM. At the same time, Wonder Girls were headlining. Wonder Girls are trying to make more headway on their American Debut. Wonder Girls had not performed their new single, "2 Different Tears" (which, by the way, is my favorite disco song of the last five years). Who the hell else was going to be coming out for an encore? Moreover, who the helll else was going to be coming out for an encore when the Wonder Girls' logo is spinning around on the 40 foot projector screen onstage? Dumb or rude, which is the lesser of two evils, Hottests?

I was kind of hoping 2PM would come out at the very end for a duet performance like WG used to do during the 'Wonder Bang' days. Ah, heady days those were. Or even JYP, frankly. Regardless, I was kind of horrified. It's like when everyone used to scream super fucking loud for Sohee and the rest of them got... crickets. I think about how heavy the pressure to succeed must be for those girls, to pour so much hard work into the last year, to risk the success they had to struggle for back in Korea, I think of how my friend Inae will say things like "I don't like girl singers" dismissively and the other girls will nod in agreement, I think of the enormous excitement the girls must have felt today before the theater doors opened, and then I think of what it must've felt like to stand in the wings and hear "2PM!! 2PM!!!!" chanted by the audience at your debut concert and it juan bothers me so much. As my old study buddy used to say, UNCOOL.

For the record, my three buddies and I most certainly counter-chanted "Wonder Girls!" because I was going to be damned if I left that night without hearing 2DT.

Falling asleep, so will post a for-reals recap tomorrow morning.

nekorokketo [userpic]

Trying To Be Happy

May 31st, 2010 (09:56 pm)

current mood: irritated
current song: Wonder Girls "2 Different Tears" (inexplicably has become my jam du jour)

I'm posting this here as oppossed to my RL lj because I don't actually want to say these things to the people in my life.

But, fuck, do they hurt my feelings.

It was Word Nerd's wedding this weekend and I thought none of us city folk were invited. No, actually, most of the city folk were invited. Just, you know, not me. And at first I consoled myself by saying that of course all the 'mates were invited since they live together for two years. That makes total sense. But then I saw the pictures on FB and realized that girlfriends of the 'mates were there. And I realized that BFF #2's ex-coworker and his Sig-Oth were there. And that's when it hurt a lot. It hurt enough for me to consider spending half my paycheck on rent so that I won't seem like the child I know they all perceive me to be and will then, by extension, treat me like an adult. God, it feels so unfair. I wish there were socially appropriate times in which to say to the people in your life "hey, that thing you did just fucking hurt my feelings and it makes me feel better to let you know about it." Maybe one day. Til then, I'll just sit in my bedroom in my parents' house and eat the discount peanut butter chocolates I bought from the candy factory near the graveyard where we buried my grandmother a month ago. At least until the need to cry has abated some.

On the plus side, I won the auction for Wonder Girls tickets and will now have better seats for less money. Perhaps RL snubbed me this weekend, but at least my kpop friends are still there. A little sweaty, shirtless Taecyeon will soothe my jangled nerves.


nekorokketo [userpic]

Call 911, I Need A WAAAAAHmbulance

April 13th, 2010 (10:13 pm)

current mood: weird
current song: DBSK "I'll Be There" (no, you won't!! 거짓말!!!)

For the first time in months, Cat Rokkit is thankful for the antidepressants she takes. I know I joke about it (especially in the past few days) but I have a lot of other shit making me miserable right now in RL (Relatives in and out of hospice? Check. Late realization that taking on a full courseload while working fulltime would not ever work? Check plus. Predisposition to self-harm? You bet that's a check. Wow, I make myself sound awful.) I am pretty sure that were I not taking my stay-cool pills I would be so absurdly fragile that I would burst into random tears all over the place instead of just in my car or bedroom. This death-of-DBSK soulfuck is really just the cherry on top, isn't it? Yeah, trash something of great sentimental value. Way to kick someone while they're down...

I just wasted my whole evening on this fandom crapola when I really should've been working on my Stat project. Fuck.

Whatever. Walk it off, Rokkit. Someday no so far from now the stars will align and your most precious fangirl dreams will be realized when a YunJae sex tape is finally leaked.

I'm kinda beat right now. I was going to write about the opening film in the Knowledgeum's Korean Film Fiesta, but that will have to wait.

nekorokketo [userpic]

Not For The First Time Did I Think "At Least I Have Asian Dramas..."

April 8th, 2010 (10:27 pm)

current mood: hopeful
current song: Shiina Ringo & Tokyo Jihen "Tegami" (don't worry, it's still fucking sad music!)

Cat Rokkit has been indulging in a less then emotionally healthy DBSK sadface party.

By this, I mean that I have been getting my DBSK on to the nth degree. Unsurprisingly, this has done exactly nothing to improve my mood about the whole nasty situation. I mean, I can re-watch young DBSK MVs (BadTeeth!Yunho, LadyHair!Jae, FatFace!Min, MisguidedBleachJob!Su, Gyopo!Chun - I MISS THIS INTENSELY) as many times as is possible in the space between work and sleep, but do I feel any better after? I feel worse, actually. It makes me so sad to think that this is where DBSK ends. Like, their albums were just starting to get legitimately good. I have a squishy spot in my heart forever for sugary pop music, but the "Mirotic" LP was good enough that I played a couple tracks for non-kpop friends without preface or hesitation. You're going to leave me empty-handed, dearest kpop love of mine? Still kicking myself so very, very hard for not seeing them a couple of years ago at the Korean music thing held every year in LA (extreme fangirling or not). They sang "Tonight" - I FUCKING LOVE "TONIGHT"!!! It bothers me to no end that now I will most likely never see them perform live. I mean, have you seen their concert DVDs? They make the Nsync concerts I went to as a girlchild look like a county fair. Frustrationnnnnnn - Cat Rokkit haz it.

Oh, and how could I forget about the fanfic? Because I've spent my break scouring the interwebs for good DBSK fic to, dunno, ameliorate this little baby ache in my solar plexus. This is such embarrassing cheese, but I want to pretend for a little while that Yunho and Jaejoong are two high school boys spending time together and kissing up on each other under the pretense of one of those contracts ("I promise to be So-and-so's slave for 100 days to repay the cost of the designer shoes I accidentally stuffed in a wood chipper") that were all the drama rage a few years ago. Happy stuff like that. Graphic stuff, too, but that's a given. If anyone has suggestions, I appreciate it!

I'm still confused as to why Changmin and Yunho didn't bounce out with JaeChunSu. Yes, this has been pressing in my thoughts for several days, Mother. Again, I get Yunho's deal (bottom boy!) but Changmin seems very much like someone who puts his own best interests above anything so trivial as company loyalty. This makes me think that perhaps HoMin stayed because of what exactly a lawsuit would bring, namely a suspension (at best) of work for the foreseeable future. Hah, jokes on y'all, fuckers!! Well, actually, on me and my fellow fangirls. Anyway, so I would guess that HoMin were concerned that, should they bite the hand that occasionally threw scraps to them, they were fucked. Business-wise. They might be able to escape the slave contracts, but would Papa SM take that shit laying down? Hells? To the no! In Korea, Papa SM would seriously fuck their shit up as much as possible - JaeChunSuHoMin would not have access to the songwriters, producers, choreographers, and assorted others that assisted in their success. And Papa SM probably has arrangements with various TV/radio producers and whatnot (ala the king of Japan, Johnny Kitagawa), which could blacklist them. This would leave them sort of up a creek without a paddle, yes? Is it better to stay with your shitty management company or have them gunning for you? That is, how do you want to be fucked by SM - as their employee or as their rival? But, you may be thinking, they would at least still have Japan, right? Maybe. Who knows what kind of contract SM has with Avex? They manage other SM acts (Boa springs to mind, but nothing as significant in the current market as DBSK). And it's not for lack of trying on behalf of Avex. They are hemorrhaging money without DBSK. Their stock went down after the "hiatus" was announced! Sounds serious, dudes. All of that being said, it would not surprise me if HoMin stayed behind in an attempt to keep Papa SM's anger directed away from themselves. Well, nice job being misguided, jagoffs. I mean, Shinhwa made it work after they left SM, right? So, uh, there isn't not hope?

What with all this awful crapulence, not for the first time in my life did I think "At least I still have Asian dramas..." I doubt it will be the last as well. I really shouldn't allow myself a single distraction more than the ones with which I already struggle (namely, the matsuri street festival on Saturday with my 동생 and the Korean Film Fest is beginning this weekend and Wondergirls/2pm are coming to The City and nnnngh SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS!) but my broken fangirl heart cannot take the strain of a dorama-free existence. There's the one where Lee Minho plays the gay ("Personal Taste"), the one where Choi Siwon (aka the one in Super Junior who always wears the least clothes) is more or less topless for the majority of his screen time ("Oh My Lady!"), the one where Changmin is always sneering and looking sexy in a suit in the promo shots ("Paradise Meadow" or "Paradise Ranch" if you're an idiot), AND JAE'S JAPANESE DRAMAAAAA ("Sunao Ni Narenakute")!! Is is wrong that I found my interest in this drama went from "pleased at the opportunity to ogle JJ" to "I'm gonna put this drama in a dress and hurt it" (<--- AH! Boosh ref!!) after watching the "Sunao Ni Narenakute" promo where some surly honcho-looking dude dumps water onto Jae's head? Is it wrong that watching bb get humiliated ramped up my anticipation of this drama? Seems pretty canon to me, really. There was a poll on the Capslock_TVXQ community that asked which member you most liked to see crying and Jaejoong won that hands down. I guess it's his pretty face that makes Tortured!Jae a bit too appealing.

At least my hair was looking beyond fabulous today. And I was finally able to reference the crack fox's line in "The Mighty Boosh". I'll cling to whatever I can.

Fuck it. Cry with me, y'all.

nekorokketo [userpic]

Always Keeping The Faith Is Not Always Easy

April 3rd, 2010 (06:37 pm)

current mood: grumpy
current song: DBSK "Holding Back The Tears" (literally for a minute there...)

This is a day Cat Rokkit does not believe.

I love Dong Bang Shin Ki. Let me repeat this: I love Dong Bang Shin Ki. I was thinking yesterday about when I first stumbled upon them. It was in a comment on one of the JE communities, something about "What is a DBSK/DBSG/THSK/TVXQ anyway?" I thought "That's weird, all those names for one group. Whatev..." and continued on my merry way. But I kept thinking about it, how strange it is for one group to have so many names and stupid ones at that. I mean, this is from a person who was heavily into JE for a while. So I looked them up and found that they were Korean but also performed in Japanese. I still wasn't interested because at the time I had yet to discover how very much I loved Korean culture. This surprises me in retrospect. The homefront is heavily Korean. I mean, there are a lot of neighborhoods around me where every business in every strip mall has signs written in English and in Hangul. Even the sushi/Japanese restaurants are Korean-owned. And despite the matsuri every spring, there are virtually no Japanese living here. New York? Plenty of Japanese. Tennessee? Plenty of Japanese. The homefront? The wife of the rector at my childhood church was the only actually Japanese person I'd ever met until high school (and that girl was only half-Japanese). But this is veering off topic. It wasn't until the writers' strike started that I first dipped my littlest toe into Korean entertainment. There were no new scripted shows (and one can only watch reruns of "The Swan" so many times before brain matter begins to leak from one's ears), and we'd just gotten super cable with the AZN Network (I MISS YOU!!!) and only the Korean dramas were subbed. This is where I first met "Coffee Prince", the greatest drama love of my life. I loved the soundtrack and wanted to know EVERYTHING I possibly could about "Coffee Prince". This led me to Popseoul, which was the only big blog for kpop gossip in English at the time. I was like "Oh, DBSWhatever, we meet again!" They were all over the site. "Balloons" had come out not too long ago (it was still the theme of their official website) and they were soon to begin preparing for "Purple Line". This was probably fall of 2007. I remember closely watching all the promotional information about "Purple Line", searching for as many of their MVs as possible. I watched "O" first and then "Balloons" and could not even begin to comprehend this sexy beast/sweet puppy dichotomy that was making my ovaries hurt so good. I fell in fucking love with Dong Bang Shin Ki. This past year, though, I had made a conscious effort to cool off on kpop fandom since I really, really, really need to fucking finish my degree before I shoot myself in the face and extra distractions on the computer are not helpful. I stopped downloading my beloved Asian Pop Addict podcast, stopped visiting their community (because I could spend for.ev.er fucking around there), stopped downloading new music, stopped watching dramas even! Now I wish I hadn't, if only to bask in the naivety of this past winter when it seemed like they'd be back any minute.

But this is the other side of love, isn't it? The side with which I'm most familiar, the side where the hurt lies. Ugh, that sounds too dramatic. I knew, as with every Korean male citizen, there would come the compulsory military service and there would have be a break-up of some sort because of it. I've known this since the Chinese kid in my high school band showed me his H.O.T cassette and explained that they had to break up to fulfill the military requirement (which is not exactly true since H.O.T broke up over financial issues with SM Entertainment - oh, the parallels, the parallels). But I had assumed that this would be far into the future since men in the entertainment industry usually wait as loooong as possible, til they're 29 or 30 years old. This meant I had at least five more years before anything like that would happen. And I also assumed that in the course of however long they waited to take a hiatus for military service I would find myself still supporting DBSK but in far less invested manner. This isn't like the Jaebum thing. That was like a band-aid ripped off my skin. It was sudden and stung but because of the suddenness it hadn't been hanging like a spectre for a year. And 2pm, though reduced in my eyes, continued beautifully and Jay pops up now and again on YouTube and whatnot. I had only been listening to 2pm for maybe a month, six weeks tops, when the scandal went down. It made me sad and angry but didn't resonate the same way this does. This is three and a half years worth of sentimental feelings. What is this I don't even. I feel childish, getting upset over some pop group, but this is also the thing that had eventually brought me back to the person I thought I'd lost. Childish, yes, but something I hold so dearly.

Despite the pity party above, I am still convinced that this cannot possibly be the end. Right? This can't be it, can it? Because have you seen how much money DBSK generates? They went up against JE, a company notorious for its stay-out-of-my-sandbox approach to business, and more than held their own. Really, have you seen their sales record? Success like theirs was unheard of before. Is any record label in Japan or Korea going to pass on something so profitable? Can I get a big HELL TO THE NO? Unless you're Papa SM and you see no need whatsoever to keep the talent happy. I know I've touched on this before, but seriously what is his damage? This is not the first time his company has lost its biggest cash cow over little things like abysmal compensation, 140 hour work weeks, unreasonable control over the personal finances of the artist, y'know, the yoozh. This is at least the third (fourth if you count Han Geng). This is a serious WTF, Papa SM.

That being said, this is the asian entertainment industry, a vortex where the words 'collusion' and 'racketeering' are never used and always implied. It's like the McCarthy era over there with all the blackballing and badtouch!executives and hush-hush underhandedness. Do I think this sort of thing never happens in the Western music industry? No. But I am pretty sure the Russian mob wasn't running, I dunno, Cash Money Records. (Bad joke: Why would they need the Russians when the label owners are gangbangers themselves? PLAY ME OFF, KEYBOARD CAT!!!) And on top of that, it's the Korean and Japanese legal systems. Let's just say that there's a reason why Japanese police work so hard to get suspects to confess - trial proceedings can drag out in a way that would make any Court TV reporter wet himself. Korea is pretty much the same, if I'm not mistaken. Remember how SM kept stalling for time about handing over their documents to the court? Like, the due date came and SM was like "BUT THOSE ARE SEEEKRIT!!" so they got an extension and SM was like "Whut? Oh, you wanted them TODAY? Well, we don't have anything ready. Try again later."

This brings me to two points that continue to puzzle me. First - what the fuck are Changmin and Yunho thinking? All five members were getting the same raw deal, so why did CM and YH not jump ship along with JaeChunSu? Initially, I thought it might have to do with their drama engagements ("Heading to the Ground" and "Paradise Meadow") since, who the fuck knows, maybe both are under contract with SM for their dramas. But then JaeChunSu were also busy with other projects as well. One could argue that Xiah!zart and "Melody and Harmony" and "Heaven's Postman" might not fit with the timeline of the lawsuit, as in Xiah!zart came about after the suit (and could have been booked outside of SM), "M&H" was an obligation through Avex (and would therefore be independent of SM), and "Heaven's Postman" was filmed prior to the suit against SM (meaning his obligation in terms of promotion would still stand). But does all of that actually make sense? Would Min and Yunho really stay because of drama contracts? I just don't get it. With Yunho, I kinda see it. He seems like a total bottom bitch who'd let you walk aaaaaall over him and he'd roll over and beg for more (y'know, because he's respectful), but Min? Choikang Changmin? Sassmouth McShimjones? Perish the very thought! He just doesn't seem like someone who would put up with that sort of bs, like he'd take it only for so long before calling foul. And his professor parents struck me as unwilling to see their beloved son exploited like that. His mom dislikes Jae for the way he smacks Min (oh, the one-touch love, how I miss thisssss) so frequently in promotional footage. So again, why was he not in the lawsuit club? THIS IS NOT MAKING SENSE.

Second - Seriously, SM, what the fuck? No, seriously. Why do you risk the massive investment of time and money (not to mention what Barack Obama knows as 'good-will capital') on the desire to maintain absolute control? How is it that this makes your company more profitable, this repeated alienation of the artists you manage? I can understand (from a business perspective) how running things with a dictatorial flair keeps it simple - what Papa SM says is what goes. It also allows management to ensure that performers have as little room to protest as possible. This isn't necessarily bad if the company has the best interests of all parties at heart (which, in the real world, happens never) since, well, you know what aaaaartists can be like. At the same time, how is it beneficial in the long run to be combative and abusive toward your performers? I suppose it hasn't stopped the kids from lining up at Papa SM's door to get a taste of it, but then again there is the time/money investment to think of. It took DBSK, what, five years to achieve a level of success that equals a steady stream of Oricon #1s and Tokyo Dome sell-outs. And those #1s didn't start until 2008, about two and a half years after their Japanese debut. With the millions and millions of dollars they bring to the company, why not shoot them a couple extra bucks now and then if it keeps them working hard for you? Because this 'revenue is reinvested in new trainees' crap is just that - crap. Of course that costs money, but SM traditionally keeps every single cent. The contract DBSK had was so far beyond unfair that, once it was revealed publicly, fans (and maybe legal peeps, I can never be certain since I don't understand enough Korean to read original sources) called it a human rights violation. Like, in a serious way. When H.O.T split over their similar lack of pay, Papa SM was all "Who are you to complain? I pay for everything, even gasoline". See, I don't buy that. Those expenses are covered by the profit DBSK generates. And even if all of this were somehow okay and reasonable, it still mystifies me how SM felt compelled to control how the boys wanted to invest the meagre amount of money doled out to them. For reals? I mean, for really reals?? "Oh, but they might somehow shill for the company in which they invest," cries Papa SM. Suck it up, jerk. You pay them pretty much nothing, especially when one considers how many hours of work they put in 51 weeks a year. You have them under contract for what will essentially amount to all of their high-profit, "relevant" years. Most of them put in so much time training or whatever else you make your performers do that they have little education on which to rely when the golden years pass. Jae and Micky didn't even graduate high school. How the hell will they be able to support themselves, let alone a wife and kids, once they hit 31 and leave the military? Why can't you throw them a fucking bone, SM? For example, Mariah Carey is crazy. We all know this. She was a major pain to her old record label so they dropped her. Did she just float along into obscurity? Insert 'hells no' here. Another label snatched her up because she's a huge star who would undoubtedly make more money. Lo and behold, homegirl pops back up, has a handful more hits and makes herself and her label a shit ton of money. I know you love your business model, Papa SM, if your yearly presentations at the Harvard Business School (major WTF) are any indication but here's a time when you need to reevaluate. I know you were all proud of yourself when you forced the E.L.F. fangirls to accept the late addition of #13 to the Super Junior roster, but this might be the end of your good-will capital. As in, I don't know how much longer you're likely to have packed open-call auditions. As in, the last SNSD single ("Oh!") tanked hard. As in, you are wasting the investment you made in DBSK on petty crap when you could be making money hand over fist well into the next five years.

I'm going to continue to hope. I'm willing to wait for Dong Bang Shin Ki. Because I fell in love with them almost four years ago and not a day goes by I don't find myself humming one of their songs. So get your shit together and fix this mess. Just because I'm willing to wait doesn't mean the 800,000 other fangirls will be so patient.

Wow. Grumpasaurus Rex right here.

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Do You Want To Laugh So Hard Your Abs Are Sore The Next Day?

April 2nd, 2010 (09:15 pm)

Thought so.


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(no subject)

March 25th, 2010 (01:12 am)
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The Chemicals Keep Me From Crying

The phone rings -
You are dying -
But the chemicals keep me from crying.

I will swallow another pill tonight
(Because again I've turned dependent)
Thankful that the action can be done without thinking,
Without needing to force the stiffness from the muscles in my throat.

And it feels morbid,
The way the pricey black suit long left unworn
Now suddenly fits again.

The phone rings every night -
It will be worse when the calls stop -
But the chemicals keep me from crying.

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Plz To Be Free Movies Tiems Now?

March 2nd, 2010 (09:21 pm)

current location: at school-iosis
current mood: hungry
current song: Ametora LP by UA

Cat Rokkit is grappling with what may or may not be the most depressing, anxious, sleep-deprived, miserable spring of her life. But serious RL has little place in here. Look at my userpic; that's a fucking rainbow-maned yin-yang-eyed sky blue horse offering the wry salutation of "Neigh, bitches!" RL to the left.

I was hoping the Knowledgeum would come to my rescue. This is the year of making-do, so I wasn't expecting anything like 2008 when Lee Chang-Dong was the guest. Still effing kicking myself for not going to that. So my great hopes of, like, Jang Geun Suk or Lee Junki or Rain or anyone under the age of fifty were unfulfilled, sadly. Srs, Tadanobu Asano has really affected the type of film guest I now expect. Le sigh. This year's guest is Jeon Soo-Il. I got too excited when I read the film schedule because I was all "'Time Between Dog And Wolf'???? All in one afternoon???????? YAHTZEE!" but then I looked it up. Turns out there's both a film and a drama of that name, both unrelated. And the Japanese film series I've come to cherish so dearly during the cherry blossom festival? No dice. Well, not in the way I've known it in years past. This gap in the film schedule will be filled by a series on Buddhism. Boo-dhism. I'll still go and probably enjoy whatever I end up seeing. Just... why you gotta steal my sunshine, Knowledgeum? I always leave a donation. I'll let this one slide, Knowledgeum, as long as you don't go and disappoint me during the summer when the Cultural Love Fest 'O Fun is highlighting Asian Pacific Americans.

Oh,who am I to complain? Free movies is free movies.

Did I ever write about "Goong" and "Seducing Mr. Arrogant"? NO??? Shit. After crappy hw.

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February 11th, 2010 (12:57 am)

current mood: restless
current song: Electrik Red "So Good"

Cat Rokkit has been the gracious recipient of an eight and a half day weekend. I mean, there's snow five feet deep everywhere. No one is going anywhere (especially since the gov went on TV and was all "BITCHES STAY HOME!!! ROADS ARE CLOSED!!!!") unless they feel like walking. I have never seen this much snow ever. It's unreal. I can't even get good pictures of it since there's so much white everywhere. You know what this means - CREEPER NIGHTTIME SNOW PHOTOS!!!!

The downside so far to all this snow is that I missed my Korean class. SUNSAENGNIIIIIM!!! And I still had to submit all my Stat homework online. Fuck. But I've decided that if I have to miss my much beloved Korean, I can at least make up for it by watching a crapton of Korean movies. THANK YOU, INTERNET!!

First was (::squeeing::) "Speedy Scandal". Oh my god oh my god oh my god am I a sucker for super cute child actors. Why else would I have watched "Baby and Me"? I mean besides Jang Geun Suk looking fine in his school uniform. The kid, Wang Seok-Hyun, is so cute it hurts. The sleepwalking... I could watch a gif of that forever. He's like a tiny Wooyoung. He's also the kid in the gif of Nichkhun making different facial expressions. I'll post it when I find it. I enjoyed this movie, no qualifier or addendum. The plot worked. Part of me is concerned that I now consider a wholly plausible plot line something of a novelty. You might be saying "Wait, but didn't that chick find her celebrity dad's apartment a little too easily?" You clearly forgot that this movie is set in South Korea and South Korea is full of insane-o netizens who will find you and then give you homemade cake. Or a bottle of water laced with superglue. It's a mixed bag. Basically, Dude (Cha Tae Hyun) lives the comfortable life of a financially stable bachelor/former idol. Not the worst gig, if this movie can be believed. He has a radio show where people call in and ask for his advice. I dunno about you, but if I had some enormous life crisis, a former idol's radio call-in show is prrrrrrobably not my first choice in terms of guidance. Dude's been helping this Young Single Mother (YSM) who wants to find her father. Cue swelling violins. Surprise, Dude, YSM is your daughter. Double surprise - you're a grandpa! Dude is all "Go away, my slam piece is coming over!" and YSM is all "Sure, I'll just stop Devious Papparazzo's house on the way..." and then Dude is all "Whooooooa, let's not be hasty." Hilarity? You effin' know it ensues. Is this movie predictable? If you're smarter than fifth grader. Is it heartwarming and well made? Yep. And the principal at the kindergarten was the sexy teacher in "Crush and Blush/Misseu Hongdangmoo" I was pretty excited.

Since I enjoyed the Dude, I then watched the legendary "My Sassy Girl". It bothers me that it's "sassy" and not "bizarre", a more accurate translation for the word 엽기. I once asked my conversation partner what 엽기 means and he described it as being less like "goofy and cute" and more like "serial killer". This is why I take issue with "sassy". That being said, "My Sassy Girl" is really three little movies. The first two are excellent. I'm not sure what part of getting dragged around by an inscrutable, demanding girl who often lands you in jail and frequently threatens you physically is so enticing that it could make a guy fall in love with said girl. Then again this girl is Jun Ji-Hyun and she is pretty hot. I've seen guys do some seriously stupid things when a hot girl is involved. Anygay, Dude and Crazy Chick in the middle part are my fave. Her birthday plans are FANTASTIC and I WANT TO RECREATE IT FOR MYSELF only replace "school uniform" with "cowgirl costume" and "random club" with "western-themed gay bar" and you've got me. Also, the scene where she makes him wear her heels is hilarious I hesitate to even mention it for fear of building it up too high. You'll laugh, pinkie swears. The last part is foreshadowed in the scene when Dude tells Crazy Chick that her movie synopsis needs more melodrama because that's what Koreans like. The movie starts of fun and funny and then is like "Oh, wait, I forgot to tug on your heartstrings." It wasn't, like, the worst cheese of all time. It actually fit pretty well. The motif of destiny and missed opportunities is heaviest in this part. The very final scene was perfect, actually. What CC says to D is so, well, beautiful and simple. If you haven't seen "My Sassy Girl", correct your sitch. It's just a movie you should've seen by now if you consider yourself any sort of fan of Asian things in general.

The last movie I watched this week was "She's On Duty", which I picked because of the seriously misleading promotional poster. It makes it seem all Gogo Yubari and shit when, in reality, it's not. I also picked this movie because GONG YOO was in it and there's only so many times I should rewatch "Coffee Prince". Actually, that was another serious problem - Gong Yoo wears too many clothes in this movie. Moar nakedz prz? Oh, and there's supposed to be a crazy plot twist at the end that's so totally unsurprising. I'm kinda running out of steam on this one. I dunno, I never actually tire of watching a woman really kick some ass. That is never something and I see and am like "yawn..." but ass-kicking ladies do not a movie make. I did particularly like Badass Lady Cop's face-off with her nemesis. The way she fought him was raw and emotional when it could've been slick and vacant. Watching movies with lots of fight scenes always make me think about what I would do in a fight. I'm a big fan of punching someone in the throat. You don't have to hit hard to make it count, which is good news for me as my punches are weak at best. Also, I have trigger finger so it's difficult for me to make a proper fist sometimes. And once you've got someone down, your choice is between running like hell (no fucking hiding, stupid, because that gives your attacker time to FIND YOU) or kicking the bad guy in his squishy spots (stomach and groin) as hard and as rapidly as possible. You need to seriously disable that person. Don't stop after a couple of blows to see what he'll do next. Classic mistake. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh. OH! And when she flat out knocks the henchwoman on her ass, that was good too. The last scene was pretty cute AND it contains actual kissing. And she's in a nun's habit. I wasn't going to say "WINNAR" but Gong Yoo heavily making out with an aggressive nun? Yeah, winnar.

Later, bitches. I'm going to tumble around in the fifty inches of snow covering my neighborhood.

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Because Double School Begins Tomorrow

January 31st, 2010 (11:18 pm)

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Cat Rokkit totally spent this snowy weekend cramming in as much quality time with Asian dramas as possible. I'd say that I wanted to refresh my Korean, but that's pretty much a lie. Like, I never passively watch anything in a foreign language - the linguaphile in me can't not skitter around in the back of my thoughts dredging for any familiar words. But I did watch the first two episodes of "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" (thank god Japanese people are just as lazy as Americans when it comes to abbreviations and henceforth I'll be sticking to the more concise "Yamanade") and SNL, a show I will always watch no matter how unfunny it was the week before. The episode hosted by January Jones was painful. I don't know why Kame's dramas tank so hard - it's not like his acting is painful to watch (YAMAPI) or the shows are any more stupid than any of the other helping-with-zany-shit dramas. Yes, that is a genre. And for once the boy looks like a human and not a refuge! Hooray, eating! Hooray, getting those eyebrows under control! I think it's doing poorly because the theme song, Kattun or not (or because...), is beyond awful. I know the economy is down, but couldn't you at least buy a decent song? The opening credits are so awkward and cheap that I cannot believe that some TV exec saw it was like "Yep, good to go!" I tried to watch "Tamra/Tamna" but most of the links for subbed episodes were broken. AISH! So instead I hit the "romance" button and watched "100 Days with Mr. Arrogant" and "200 Pounds Beauty". The squeeing noise I just made while typing those titles is something I'm glad the internet can't yet convey. It was intense. Not that either is any great cinematic achievement. "100 Days" had, like, the weirdest pacing ever. And a lot of believability is lost simply through the plot alone (SPOILER ALERT!): I broke your heart so you'd study for reals and now let's totally get engaged and live happily ever after since I'm rich and you're, what, seventeen? I still fucking loved it. "200 Pounds Beauty" was a movie I always put off watching because, ugh, it kinds of hits too close to home. I was that chubby girl for a long time. Still am emotionally. And the message in the film was kind of confusing. So she loves her manager who was fond of her fat personality but wasn't attracted to her until she had plastic surgery to be skinny but her manager says he's repulsed by women who have had plastic surgery. And she had this amazing, undeniable talent but, while fat, that talent wouldn't be recognized or valued by consumers. I find it disappointing (if accurate) that the concert-goers were willing to forgive her deception and even accept and support her but only as the sexy, skinny version. What the what? Weird factoid - the actress playing the lead in "200 Pounds", Kim Ah Jung, had some extensive plastic surgery herself. It's not an instance of good make-up/weight loss. It's pretty clear that she got the works on her face. I still enjoyed the movie. I like any movie where the chubby girl succeeds, even if it's through less than praiseworthy means. I'm also entertained by the fact that the plastic surgeon was the same actor who played the butcher, Mr. Ku, in "Coffee Prince". Every time I see his face, I think about the first scene with him where he says he can't poop as well as he could when he was young. Oh, and the dad in "100 Days" was Mr. Hong, too. SURPRISE!COFFEE PRINCE!!!!